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Current News:

Abundant Funding recently secured $8 Million debt restructure - manufacturing $18.3 construction loan and mini perm - commercial.

What can we "fund" for you today?

Abundant Funding

We provide financing solutions specific to your immediate and future needs. Our approach targets opportunities that will maximize growth and profitability while minimizing risk and asset loss. Our team of professionals focus on capitalizing proven business practices to facilitate growth.

Our value to you incorporates business solutions that can integrate with your existing creditors and customers. Our customers include: Manufacturing, Technology, Start up, Service, Construction, Distribution, Integrators, Real Estate, and Temporary employment companies. 

Financing Solutions:

bulletAsset Based Lending -Real Estate-Equipment-Inventory
bulletAccounts Receivable Financing - Factoring
bulletCommercial Lending - Real Estate- Inventory- Purchase Order Financing
bulletPrivate Equity Funding - Hedge Fund Participation
bulletVenture Capital Funding

Our Customer needs include:

bulletIncrease working capital for expanding market share
bulletSeasonal business funding
bulletSolutions for Credit Risk Customers
bulletLeveraged mergers and acquisitions funding
bulletTurnaround- bankruptcy restructuring assistance

Additional Solutions we can provide - Abundant Ventures LLC:

bulletBusiness Plan Development and enhancement
bulletStrategic Partnerships & Licensing implementations
bulletMergers and Acquisitions funding and assistance
bulletReal Estate Planning and Development 
bulletManagement Buyout Funding Solutions


Contact us at: financing@abundantfunding.com  Copyright Abundant Funding (248) 812-2418