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Current News:

Abundant Ventures LLC assisted in the redevelopment of a $7 Million commercial property in Michigan

Abundant Ventures recently introduced a company to expand it's operations in the Republic of Panama

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Abundant Ventures LLC

Our services assist you in achieving the unique solution to build your business. 

Business Plan Development

Our team of experts will meet with you to develop your business plan specifically tailored to guide and structure your business funding and expansion needs.  Your plan will include financial, historical and competitive information identifying your solution to the industry you serve and pave the way to grow.

Strategic Partnerships & Licensing Opportunities

We off your company over 25 years of experience in business development. Should you have a unique product of service that you are want to expand, call us to schedule an appointment. We open the doors to potential licensees that can surround you with abundant business opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions Solutions

We consult with your professional team to achieve the financial metrics that your acquisition requires. We identify your target and will negotiate on your behalf. Should you have a unique product or service, we maintain confidentialities and can direct you to the appropriate resources to protect you company assets during the process.

Build your business and not your credit risk with your customer

We meet with your customers and identify ways for them to leverage the purchase of your product or service when credit histories offer limited opportunity for the sale,  This method of doing business can impact your bottom line immediately.

Management Buy Out Solutions

We provide solutions to structure funding of the buyout of your closely held company, to family, management or employees.  We offer multiple opportunities for the success of the project.


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